Salmon Arm Truss

Welcome to Salmon Arm Truss

March 22, 2021   Please note we are currently behind on quoting.  Existing customers and confirmed orders will have priority.   If you have a project needing pricing, projects already underway that have final blue prints issued will be next in priority.  Projects still in the design stage will be after that in priority.

During COVID: We are open for our regular hours. Call ahead for pick ups or drop offs, call 250 832 8238 when you arrive. No in office visits at this time. All quoting, design, and consultation is being done by phone and e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE OUR POLICY ON PRICING HAS CHANGED DUE TO PRICING VOLATILITY.  60 day price protection is temporarily suspended and you must take delivery of products within 30 days of ordering.  If products are not delivered in 30 days prices are subject to review.   Please note prices may also decrease in this situation.

Office open Monday to Friday (except holidays) 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Receiving 9:00 - 3:30

Please call ahead for an appointment and ensure we have operators on site when you get here. Arriving without notice will cause delays.

Mailing address                                    Plant located at 5231 56th Ave SE
PO Box 928                                            Salmon Arm, BC    (DO NOT MAIL TO THIS ADDRESS)
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P1

NOTE:  If you are looking for a quote, Click the sales email link to open your e-mail, and then click send to RECEIVE INSTRUCTION, do not modify subject line or include any info in this in e-mail (we do not see it).

Please note we have extended wait times for quoting (see above)



Phone: 250-832-8238